Feminización y armonización de la voz para personas trans, cis, género fluido, bigénero, género no binario

Find your own vocal, expressive and emotional balance between your VOICE, your IDENTITY and your PERSONALITY.

Train and modify your voice without surgery in just a few months thanks to online sessions with Mariela Astudillo, a speech therapist specialised in voice feminisation for more than 18 years and author of the Astudillo Method and Identity Emotional Speech Therapy.

Femivoz offers you online sessions of:
VOICE FEMINIZATION NON-BINARY VOICE HARMONIZATION TRANSFORMER VOICE BIGENERA VOICE Fluid voice Masculinisation of the voice Stage voice of scenery Professional voice Modification of the accent Vocal and emotional well-being


EASY and SIMPLE, you can now book your appointment directly online by choosing the day and time that suits you best. You can also choose the type of appointment you want: 1st FREE INFORMATION APPOINTMENT, a session, a session bonus, etc….

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Feminización y armonización de la voz para personas trans, cis, género fluido, bigénero, género no binario


Feminise and harmonise your voice without surgery in just a few months thanks to online sessions with Mariela Astudillo, a specialised speech therapist for 15 years and author of the Astudillo Method.

Bienvenido Bienvenida Bienvenide Bienvenidx to Femivoz

Femivoz has been fighting every day for more than 18 years to help people from all over the world find a balance and a vocal and identity harmony, and to free the voice and identity of all etiquette.

Over the years, Femivoz has been growing and evolving, thus allowing to propose several services all of them aimed at well-being and vocal health, but also for accompaniment, support and counselling at an emotional and psychological level.


Thus, we propose online sessions of feminisation of the transgender voice, cisgender, QUEER, transformist, professional, as well as the Harmonisation of the non-binary voice, the masculinisation of the voice in cases of transgender and puberphony men (cisgender voice) and we accompany our.a.x.s apprentices and patients throughout their transition to ensure that they experience a vocal modification adapted to their vocal objectives and expectations.

Therefore, Femivoz lives every day from a single passion, namely, The human being. Likewise, We believe in a free society at an identity level, at an expressive level and at any other level that helps us live a fuller life and in total harmony with who we are.

18 years fighting for the liberation of the VOICE and IDENTITY.



What is voice feminization ?

The logopaedic process of Voice Feminisation Encompasses enrichment as well as the characterisation in feminine of the vocal gesture, of the way of speaking, of the expression of self through a Training of all vocal and extra-vocal parameters linked to femininity Socially defined as such at the acoustic and prescriptive level. Likewise, the feminisation of the voice allows all people, regardless of their identity (transgender, cisgender, bigender, QUEER, transformists, etc.), to obtain a more feminine voice according to their own perceptual scale but also influenced by a social code that defines our gender identity.

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We help you, thanks to our online sessions, to exalt the true IDENTITY of your voice naturally, helping you achieve a more feminine and natural voice in a few months and respecting your vocal personality.


We work through online sessions with people from all over the world and of all ages. Regardless of what your gender, your story, your demand, Femivoz helps you find your vocal harmony.



It is an introduction to the Astudillo method, presenting the pillars of the voice feminisation methodology and including an introduction to the world of transgenderism, encompassing important concepts and terminologies. This book is intended for both patients and health professionals.

Available in paper and eBook version (Mobi – Kindle & ePub – Nook)


Discover the story of Emily, a transgender girl who faces the world around her, the looks and mockery, the misunderstanding… but who, little by little, is discovering and accepting her difference thanks to the support of her family, her school and her friends.

Available in paper and eBook version (Mobi – Kindle & ePub – Nook)

To train you in feminisation, harmonisation, optimisation, rehabilitation and masculinisation of the voice, the Femivoz Academy allows you to choose:

It’s about Essential content training for optimal and specialised learning in specific areas of voice, identity and emotion directed and tutored by the speech therapist Mariela Astudillo, founder of Femivoz and creator of the Emotional Speech Therapy And the Astudillo Method Of international reference in the feminisation of voice and speech; and Damián Osorio, speech therapist specialised in the rehabilitation and training of the voice, reference in the masculinisation of the voice and speech and creator of the utility model of the Vocal Resonance Tube In Spain (TRV) by the OEMP. Public: speech therapists, speech therapist.a.x.s, students, vocal coaches, voice professionals.


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18 years of experience and passion for voice and identity

Considered by many as a pioneer in the field of the feminisation of the voice, Mariela Astudillo is a LOGOPEDA graduated from the Haute École de la Ville de Liège (BELGIUM) and is specialised in the transidentity voice. Likewise, he has been fighting since 2005 to improve the quality of life of people in search of an identity modification at the vocal level. 17 years of passion, experience and dedication to the transgender voice, Transidentity, the LGBTQIA+ community and Speech Therapy.


His method, known as Astudillo method, has given rise to the so-called Emotional Speech Therapy, emphasising the need to propose an effective and dynamic vocal training but above all Personalised and adapted to each person, to their emotional code and to their personality and identity, Guided by a human professional, and close.

Indeed, Mariela Astudillo puts at the centre of her vital and professional equation the human being and the need to evolve consciences in terms of the Concepts of identity, gender and sex, to build a more free and transcendental society in which The acceptance of difference and respect for the identity of each one Be the axis that guides our day to day as evolutionary beings.


Strong supporter of the Need to alleviate the hypermedicalisation of the transition process Identity-, Mariela Astudillo militates every day to promote awareness of the need for Train health professionals in a more humane and open way, in order to propose an attention adapted to the evolution of identities and societies.

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