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Online sessions with Mariela Astudillo


How long does the training last?

It will depend on the dynamics of the sessions, the motivation of the patient, his/her age and his/her personal and medical history (surgeries, pathologies, etc...). A minimum of 10 sessions of 30 min. is usually recommended by Skype (or another online platform). The first results are usually acoustically appreciated from the first session and are gradually automated.

What results are obtained?

The vocal training of feminisation or harmonisation of the voice does not work exclusively at the vocal level but allows the improvement of other acoustic and prosodic parameters. The most observed results are the improvement of the quality of the voice, the increase in melody and musicality, the development of emotionality and the increase in self-confidence.a.x.

Who is the training aimed at?

It is aimed at all people with healthy voices who wish to achieve more femininity or harmony in their voices, regardless of their identity or age. It is also aimed at people whose voices have been aggravated as a result of a pathology or injury at the level of the vocal cords, non-binary people, moustaches and actors or other performing arts professionals.

What is the effectiveness of Skype training?

It has been shown that training is effective in all types of patients who reside on other continents and who have only had access to online training. The speech therapist guides patients during sessions and the patients apply what they have learned to their daily life. A continuous evaluation is carried out and the objectives are readjusted according to the progress of each patient.

What guarantees does the training offer?

The feminisation of the voice through speech therapy offers training aimed at improving the quality of the person's voice and exalting their femininity to the maximum. Femivoz obtains in most cases effective and conclusive results. The satisfaction rate is almost 100%. We invite you to read the testimonials of our patients.a.x.

Is training irreversible?

As soon as the vocal mechanism begins to change, the person assimilates a new vocal habit and, in most cases, lo.a.x.s patients usually tell us that they are not able to talk again as before. Therefore, the positive thing about speech training is that it allows the person to own his voice, a flexible and free voice that changes not only at the prosodic level but also at the muscular level.


What do I need to start feminising my voice?

To start the voice feminisation training you will need a computer and a Skype account. If you do not have an account, we can use another video conferencing platform. An internet connection, a webcam and a microphone will be required. During the sessions you will be advised to have a little water and a notebook on hand to take note of the exercises that the speech therapist will send you to do on a daily basis.

At what age can I start feminising my voice?

In the case of child.a.x.s, prepubescent or transgender adolescents, it is advisable to start training before the voice change to try to prevent male vocal traits from being installed. In the case of adult transgender women who are planning their transition or who have already started it, any age is good to start feminising the voice. For any other case, it is recommended to consult with the speech therapist.

Should I consult any other specialist before starting?

Anyone who wants to feminise their voice with Speech Therapy is advised to consult an otolaryngologist to perform a voice examination prior to the start of feminisation vocal training. This test will serve to rule out any type of pathology, disorder or injury at the level of the vocal cords or larynx. It is a simple and quick exam.


What is the price of the sessions?

The price of voice feminisation training depends on the session pack you choose. We invite you to check the prices and vouchers page for more information. There are several pack ranging from 1 session to 20 sessions with regressive prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for payment facilities. We recommend the PACK OF 10 SESSIONS.

What are the payment methods for the sessions?

Skype sessions can be paid by BIZUM, by bank transfer (requesting the account number by email to, by Paypal, by credit card or by Western Union. If you want to pay in installments, you can consult with your speech therapist during the 1st APPOINTMENT which is informative and free, she will explain the conditions.

What happens once the payment is made?

Once you have made the purchase of your voucher through the web, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the purchase and payment. The speech therapist, with whom you have already had a 1st informative appointment, will contact you personally to set the date and time of the first session and to define the calendar of sessions.

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