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Voice and speech Harmonization

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Voice and speech harmonization.

Without molds or standards #freevoice

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We are entering an era in which the change, transition, and evolution of the human being is reaching levels that 10 years ago we would not have imagined.

There has been a lot of talk lately about binarism, binary society, labels, categorization, and much more. We are witnessing confrontations caused by misused terminology, a lack of understanding towards certain concepts, the ignorance of certain people, and for many other reasons that unfortunately don’t allow us to move forward.

I have always believed in communication to create change. For this reason, for the last 15 years, I have been constantly adapting to the evolution of society, to the evolution of the human being, to all those doors that are opening little by little and that allow us to move towards another type of reality.

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Today I am confronted with the word “feminization.”

Why would a transgender woman have to feminize her voice to be accepted?

Why does society compel transgender women to feminize their voices in order to enter a mold that continues to reinforce binarism?

Why does Femivoz reinforce binarism in this sense or support this type of thinking?

These are some of the issues or questions that come to us daily. For this reason, I have believed it necessary to openly express what Femivoz’s position is in the face of all these statements or questions.

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The first is to say that Femivoz in no way supports, reinforces, or imposes binarism based on the belief that in this world there is only the feminine and the masculine..

On the contrary, we are much more in favor of the belief that one day society will stop labeling us not only at the gender level, but also at the level of our sexual orientation, our way of dressing, our race, or other characteristics that ultimately allow us to distinguish ourselves but also discriminate against us. Many people call me utopian, but I continue to affirm and believe in this vision that I have of the future for all of us.

Having said that, I would like to highlight the fact that using the word “feminization” does not especially imply the reinforcement of binarism, what is reinforced is feminity.

The fact of wanting or believing in a future society in which labels do not exist does not therefore prevent the existence of femininity. It is important to clarify that femininity is not linked only to women, nor to the concept of women that society imposes or discloses. Femininity is a reality that is linked to the human being and it would be a great shame to want to destroy this concept.

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Due to all this debate, at Femivoz we have decided to open a new, more open, and freer era, where we do not impose or reinforce, but rather help, respect, and support the people who come to us in search of an improvement in vocals.

We will gradually leave behind the term “voice feminization” to make way for the new terminology, “harmonization of voice and speech.”

We want to break the molds, set aside the imposed, the feminine and masculine, allowing the voice to be free, allowing each person to express themselves as they feel without having to feeling shamed or unaccepted by society.

Regardless of the gender to which the person who comes to us belongs, we harmonize her voice in coherence with her personality and identity, in order to help her gain confidence, to feel more self-confident and more in tune with who she really is.

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We do not impose a vocal canon established by a binary or other societal standard. What we do is answer a demand by proposing vocal trainings that allow people to feel better about themselves without having to influence their vision of the world, of the voice, or the society in which they live.

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What exactly are the voice and speech harmonization sessions?

It is about working the voice, speaking, and communication of the person who consults in a way that best suits their way of being, identity, and personality.

How do you define the type of voice or way of speaking that corresponds to a person?

We do not decide anything or impose anything. It is the person who comes to us who explains what kind of way of speaking or voice they would like to have. And the Femivoz team works to shape your voice and your way of speaking in order to achieve the objectives set together with the person who comes to us.

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In short, we trust in the human being and in their ability to evolve towards a society in which they will feel fulfilled, accepted, and respected. We launched this new concept of harmonization of voice and speech in order to progress and advance towards that society, which is utopian for some. Our work will continue to be important however, the molds, rules and barriers have ceased to exist.


Speech therapist specialized in “voice feminization”

and harmonization of voice and speech


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