About Femivoz

A concept, a team, a passion

Femivoz was created 15 years ago by the speech therapist Mariela Astudillo, who was concerned about helping women seeking a higher level of femininity, achieve their desires. At the beginning, she focused on the need of transgender who wanted to improve their vocal quality and increase their femininity. Bearing in mind that hormonal treatment does not modify any feature of voice, Femivoz has been improving every year by developing solutions, personally adapted to each woman, in order to enhance their voices in the most natural way possible.

A feminine voice is not only a high-pitched voice but also a more complex and complete concept rather than just a simple frequency. A woman’s voice is an exaltation of emotions, musicality and melody. Femivoz has been maturing with its patients and moving ahead with them. Every day, the Astudillo Method has been improving in order to make its results better and adapting to each type of voice and personality. In short, Femivoz is the result of a massive speech therapy work and a continuous search; but above all, it is the result of our passion for voice and femininity, which is the most beautiful essence of women.

“A feminine voice is much more than simply a high-pitched voice”

féminiser la voix avec des séances de logopédie


The voice work is a true passion and a continuous fight for achieving new stages and challenges. Femivoz believes in each voice’s potential, in every larynx’s elasticity, in how amazing our bodies can be, and how willpower breaks down barriers and redefines new models. The key to success lives within us.


From the beginning, Femivoz has gained the trust of numerous patients who have allowed us to improve our techniques, methods, knowledge and goals. It is from the experience lived with each of them that the essence of our voice feminization training has developed.


Femivoz believes in women, their emotional potential, ability to transmit their feelings, and their remarkable communication skills, not simply in reference to their voices. For more than a decade Femivoz has been dedicated to women and supporting them on their evolution. It has been our goal to help women find themselves by polishing their personal essence and bringing their inner voices out from the depths.

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