Feminize your voice in 10 sessions

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Feminize your voice in 10 SESSIONS 

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The voice feminization training is simple and definitive. In only 10 weeks (sometimes less) you will get a voice, a way to express yourself, and an ability to communicate more naturally feminine. This voice training method, without any surgery, will allow you to feel more confident with yourself and completely adapt your true self with your personality and identity.

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This is your 1st FREE appointment via Skype (or any other videoconferencing platform) with speech therapist, Mariela Astudillo. During this first meeting, she will explain to you how voice feminization works. She will also answer all your questions and together you will analyze your voice and define the elements to work on for reaching the voice you want. You will also define the target to reach during the training and schedule the sessions.

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During this phase you will start the vocal training by working on rhythm, articulation, melody, facial mimics, and more, through an exaggerated way. This in order to get you out of your comfort zone and start creating changes. Usually, the changes appear during the 1st session. From one session to the next, in addition to the work you will do at home, you will feel your voice evolving more and more.



PERSONALIZATION PHASE. Your voice begins to change. Your friends and family start to notice some changes in your voice and speech. This make you feel more confident. The changes are beginning to be noticed and it is time to personalize the results. Thanks to a whole series of exercises that you will perform every day at home and in your daily routine, you will begin to gradually define your voice. You’ll personnalized this new vocal gesture and make it yours.



AUTOMATION PHASE.. We exalt your spontaneous peech to the fullest. We work the emotional voice (we help you express your voice with all your emotions) and we teach you how to use it in all situations of your daily life. You will reach a natural and feminine voice and speech with ease. It is the final phase of the vocal training and is the most intimate because it is when you will fully take over your voice.


The exercices completed during the sessions will serve as a model for the patient to reproduce them at home and apply them in their daily life. The sessions are scheduled one time per weekand are a total of 30 minutes each. The sessions and exercises will follow the evolution of each patient, adapting and readjusting if necessary the pace of the training, depending on the progress of the target. The speech therapist will provide each patient with the necessary knowledge and control so that she can effectively carry out each exercise.

Home exercices

Simultaneously to the sessions, the patient must perform a series of daily exercises at home. These will serve as training that will strengthen and reinforce the results obtained with the speech therapist. For best results, the work must be constant and continuous. The exercises should be completed in a regular and disciplined manner. The most important work for the patient will consist of training her voice and applying everything acquired during the sessions to her daily life, regardless of her mood or emotional load.

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