The Astudillo Method

Knowledge, Study, Experience.

The Astudillo Method

Research, Knowledge and Experience

Using speech therapy as a voice feminization training.

The Astudillo Method is a speech therapy training created in 2005 by Mariela Astudillo which proposes solutions for voice feminization and harmonization through vocal techniques without any surgery. This method helps any woman in this world who needs to feminize her voice in harmony with her identity and personality and feel more confident in her life. The Astudillo Method also helps non binary people to harmonize their speech in a non binary way. Thereby, this  Method helps transgender women and cisgender women whose pitch have been lowered due to a disorder, pathology, or injury in the vocal folds or larynx. It also works for cisgender women who have natural low-pitched voices. Besides giving your voice a more feminine sound, this method allows you to have real control over vocal production, in its synergy with other elements involved in speech such as body language, non-verbal language, muscle tension, and posture.

Voice is not an isolated phenomenon, but a complex context of communication where different parameters actively influence it. Voice feminization training allows you to work all vocal aspects thanks to a global therapeutic approach defined by the main role of voice in speech. In addition, the Astudillo Method harmonizes voices, having in mind its true impact on patients’ daily life.

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