About Mariela Astudillo, Speech Therapist

Mariela Astudillo

Speech Therapist

Mariela Astudillo received a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Therapy from the Haute École de la ville de Liège (H.E.L. Hazinelle), Liège, Belgium. Over the last decade, she has been rising in the field of speech therapy across Spain, Belgium, South America, and Europe. She now proposes harmonization and feminization voice trainings in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Passionate about voice in every way, her studies about feminization has led her to perfect a new method, which takes her last name, and it is reaching women all around the world.

Her Thesis, where it all began

First work about Voice Feminization

For “La féminisation de la voix de patiente transsexuelle,” she completed a study in the endocrinology department of the Hôpital de la Citadelle (Liège, Belgium) directed by Professor Legros and Dr. V.Corman. This treatment was named the Astudillo Method and its efficiency has been proven throughout the years.

Skype Sessions

For patients who do not live in Spain

Mariela Astudillo currently works in Malaga, Spain and travels around South America. She is specifically dedicated to voice feminization trainings of transgender and cisgender women, and she completes speech therapy sessions via Skype with patients from all over the world.

Conferences & Books

Spain and South America

Mariela Astudillo has participated in several lectures about her method, which are intended for health professionals as well as patients. She published a Voice Feminization Guide and in addition, has collaborated on various books by writing chapters about voice treatment.

Speech Therapist of the Voice Unit

Hospital Quirón, Málaga

Mariela Astudillo is the speech therapist of the Voice Unit from Quiron de Malaga Hospital, Spain. She is responsible for the medical trainings of pathologies and disorders related to spoken voice. This voice unit, which was created in 2014 and it is specialized in the training of the cases exclusively related to speech and language problems, not only works with transgender women but also with men, women and children. It provides training and re-education adapted to each vocal disorders such as aphonia and dysphonia, either organic or functional, voice change disorders, neurological cases, brain injuries, etc. She works in the Voice Unit with Dr. Pablo Ruiz Vozmediano, otolaryngologist, and her main goal is to provide a specialized ENT- Speech attention for voice problems.

Speech Therapist of the Gender Identity Unit

Hospital Quirón, Málaga

Mariella Astudillo also has an important role in the Gender Identity Unit of the Quiron de Malaga Hospital, which is composed of specialists such as otolaryngologist Dr. Pablo Ruiz Vozmediano, including an endocrinologist, a psychologist and collaborations of the standing of FACIAL TEAM, with Dr.Luis Miguel Capitán and Dr.Simón, who are specialists in facial feminization surgery.

Collaborate in Feminization of the sung Voice

With the speech therapist Damián Caparrós Osorio

In her eagerness to achieve vocal perfection at the level of spoken voice, Mariela Astudillo is also interested in the sung voice and collaborates with voice expert and speech therapist, Damián Caparrós Osorio, attending online consultations via Skype and in her Fuengirola consultation. Currently they propose training and of feminization of spoken and sung voice. A complete vocal coaching for transgender women, but also for those cisgender women who present aggravating pathologies of the voice. They collaborate together in several courses on feminization of spoken and sung voice.

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